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Wimmel Bandits/Mobile Game

Wimmel Bandits Game for Kids
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Wimmel Bandits

Hide and Seek Book and Game in one

Watch out, the wild boars are free! 

The hungry boar gang has invaded the Village and

trouble now the frightened forest-dwellers! 

Over and over the piggish animals appear. Find the acorns and

feed the boars, so that peace can return to the forest!

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Artistically designed for small kids.

• It's a hybrid of digital hide and seek book and game.

With audio narrative which enables even the youngest to enjoy the game independetly.

• Discover the many, joyfull and jolly, hidden animations.

Charming landscape and funny characters are waiting for you!


• For 2+ years kids

 No third-party advertising or in-app purchases


 No time pressure

• Languages: English and German

 No internet or WiFi required

The Illustrator and Game Developer


"I develop apps so that my illustrations can live. 

I´m fascinated by the many possibilities

through which users can interact with my art."


Constance Silvestrim

Game artist and game developer

User reviews

"A very lovely made game for children with an awesome attention to details. Our children had a lot of fun experiencing Wimmelräuber. The art style is perfektly made for children in an age up to 5. It is well self-explanatory and the animations are fun to watch. Full recommendation of Wimmelräuber."

"The app is really successful; it is fun to discover the many animations and to observe the interaction of the characters"


"Nice pictures and lots of great animations! Fun for the kids and at the same time the ability to concentrate."

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