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Popular Animals mobile game
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Popular Animals

The forest belongs to the animals!


 This evening will stay in the memory of the wild hunter for a long while! 

 After the sun goes down and the camp is pitched,

the wild animals leave their nests and slowly start to show their faces. Together they have one goal: so scary the intruder away.

To achieve this they must be careful and therefore hide hide themselves very good in the jungle before the ambush.

Find the animals and let them scare the hunter so that he finally run away!


• Child friendly user experience.

• Cute animals to be found: Hippo, monkey, elephant, tiger, crocodile, beaver, spider, bees, toucan, snake, bat.

• Synchronized animations between animals and the hunter. 

• Illustations made with love by the illustrator Constance Silvestrim.

• Many funny animations.

• Picturesque jungle scenery.


• For 2+ years kids

 No third-party advertising or in-app purchases

• No time pressure

• Languages: Englisch, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese

 No internet or WiFi required

The Illustrator and Game Producer


"I develop apps so that my illustrations can live. 

I´m fascinated by the many possibilities

through which users can interact with my art."


Constance Silvestrim

Illustrator and game developer


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