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Animal Navigator/Echo Skill

Animal Navigator

Learning skill for children 5+


The geologist Professor Navigax urgently needs your help! He has sent "Vigi", an intelligent satellite, into Earth's orbit to help his studies on climate change. However, Vigi's navigation system has recently failed and she can't inform her position. Nonetheless, she can describe the animals encountered along her journeys.


With your help, the Professor can finally trace Vigi's route again! On this journey, you'll have fun while learning which countries are home to the different animals Vigi encounters.


The game can be played in two main modes: Day mode and Night mode. 

In Day mode, Vigi describes what animals she sees while you help her guess which region she's flying over. In Night mode, Vigi can only hear the animals. Based on their calls, you need to help her guess which animals they could be.


The Animal Navigator is a fun and educational game composed of more than 1000 different questions to entertain and foster your knowledge.

Professor Navigax is searching his drone Vigi.
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• With audio narrative which enables even the youngest to enjoy the game independetly.

In a playful way, the child learns to assign the animals to different continents.

• The game offers two levels of difficulty for younger and older children.



• Say "Alexa, start Animal Navigator" to start the game.

• Say "Alexa, next" to skip the Intro.

• Say "Alexa, repeat" to hear Vigis question again.

• Say "Alexa, stop" to stop playing the game.


• More than 1000 different questions • For 5+ years kids

• Languages: Englisch, German

 No advertising or in-app purchases

• No time pressure

• 2 Modi: Day & night



Game Artist und Spieleentwicklerin


"I develop apps so that my illustrations can live. 

I´m fascinated by the many possibilities

through which users can interact with my art."


Constance Silvestrim

Illustrator and game developer

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